For More Than 

40 Years

Representative Cases

Attorney Pozorski recently concluded the settlement of a claim in which he recovered a $1 million dollar settlement for his client who injured his leg in an automobile accident. No offers were made by the insurance company prior to the final mediation before trial.

Attorney Kaminski recently concluded a $700,000.00 settlement for a motorist who was injured when weather conditions blew a semi-truck across the center line and into his client’s vehicle.

Representation of a company with numerous retail outlets from preliminary negotiation to final contract and closing of multi-million dollar sale.

Not guilty verdict received at a jury trial of a young woman charged with First Degree Intentional Homicide.

A pretrial settlement of a case involving a client who was charged with Conspiracy to Commit First Degree Intentional Homicide. The case was resolved pursuant to a plea to an amended charge of Obstructing Justice.

A Wrongful Death settlement obtained immediately prior to trial involving a child who was killed on an outdoor play set. Settlement amount confidential.

A products liability case successfully concluded for a young man who was injured by a product manufactured a number of years ago in New Jersey. The case involved a cart that had tipped over, in a retail establishment, causing injury to our client. Settlement amount confidential.

A substantial recovery for a young woman, in a premises liability case, where a building owner did not have proper handrails on interior stairwells. Settlement amount confidential.

A $350,000.00 verdict in a medical malpractice claim for a client who was injured when a nerve in her arm was unnecessarily severed during a surgical procedure.

A $360,000.00 verdict against a client’s uninsured auto policy that we were able to “stack.” Insurance company offered less than $40,000.00 before trial.

A $600,000.00 settlement for a young man who was injured in an automobile accident when the host driver left the roadway.

A not guilty verdict received from a jury for a client who was charged with Felony Aggravated Battery.

Numerous not guilty verdicts rendered for clients charged with operating under the influence of intoxicants (OWI/DUI).

Numerous dismissals obtained for clients charged with operating while under the influence of intoxicants, based upon successful pretrial motion practice (OWI).

A $206,000.00 settlement for a knee injury when client was involved in a motor vehicle accident. The knee made contact with the dashboard as a result of failure to wear seat belt.