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Meeting the Challenges of Truck Accident Litigation

Recovering damages for truck accident injuries is quite a bit different from auto accident litigation. Three factors account for most of the differences, and you should expect your lawyer to be capable of dealing with all of them: (1) federal safety regulations that affect how you prove negligence, (2) greater severity and complexity of injuries, and (3) million-dollar liability insurance.

At Kaminski & Pozorski in Manitowoc, our trial attorneys are familiar with the special demands of truck accident claims. From our clients’ standpoint, the most important factor is the challenge of recovering from extensive injuries or learning to adapt to a disability. We support our clients and their families throughout the ordeal of a long convalescence. From a legal standpoint, the availability of commercial liability coverage is a very significant factor that affects the way we present and pursue damages demands.

We Know How to Protect Your Interests in Wisconsin Truck Accidents

In a bad car accident, the available insurance usually falls far short of what the victim needs to cover the full range of losses. Once we establish our ability to prove negligence, the case will usually settle for the policy limits, if it’s clear that our client’s damages are substantially greater than that amount.

Where commercial vehicle insurance is available, however, the defense has a much stronger interest in resisting payment. It will therefore insist on detailed proof of all of the injuries and losses, and it can be hard to close the gap between a $1.4 million demand and a $415,000 offer. This problem doesn’t come up in the typical car accident case, because the insurance coverage simply isn’t there.

Our attorneys know how to develop and present the evidence of past losses and future treatment expenses in a form that lets the insurance company know that we can prove your claims at trial if we have to. We work with medical, vocational and rehabilitative experts to back a demand up with highly credible evidence that covers not only your past and current condition, but also your future needs.

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Your accident doesn’t need to involve a semi truck to reach commercial liability insurance. Just about any vehicle driven for occupational purposes — farm vehicles, delivery vans, charter buses or maintenance trucks — is likely to be covered by liability insurance that starts at $1 million per covered claim. With 40 years of experience in the investigation and presentation of complex accident claims, our law firm can help you understand your legal options while helping you with the practical consequences of a serious accident.

To learn more about our approach to client service in commercial vehicle and truck accident cases, contact Kaminski & Pozorski in Manitowoc for a free consultation.