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When Dangerous Products Cause Serious Injuries

Many people are seriously injured, or even killed, every year as the result of a dangerous or defective product. When a company produces, or sells a defective product that falls in the hands of a trusting consumer, that company may be held liable for the consumer’s injuries and damages. Other companies or institutions along the way, whether they are those involved in the testing, or distribution of the product, may also be held accountable for the injury.

At Kaminski & Pozorski, our Wisconsin products liability attorneys have successfully represented our clients who have been injured by dangerous and defective products. We aggressively pursue damages from the makers and distributors of defective products to cover medical bills, lost wages, loss of future earnings, physical and emotional pain and suffering, as well as funeral expenses in those unfortunate cases that involve the death of an innocent consumer.

The lawyers at Kaminski & Pozorski also help in the enlistment of other professional disciplines, including engineers, in order to prepare the cases for settlement or trial. These experts are necessary because the law regarding products liability is complicated and requires expert testimony to inform jurors, and insurers about the products defect.

If you have been injured as the result of a defective product, it is important to contact Kaminski & Pozorski‘s Wisconsin product liability attorneys as soon as possible so that representation can be made as effective as possible.