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With decades of experience on motor vehicle accidents of all kinds, the attorneys of Kaminski & Pozorski advise clients about their legal options in car accident claims in Manitowoc County and from Green Bay to Fond du Lac and Sheboygan. Over the years, the recoveries we’ve achieved for our clients add up to many millions of dollars.

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We have two main objectives for our car accident clients. First, we help you get through the full range of problems that an accident can cause for you and your family. We can help straighten out problems by securing an accurate diagnosis for your injuries. We can help you avoid difficulties with unpaid bills if your injuries keep you away from work. Our lawyers will even handle the property loss part of your case for free if we’re handling your personal injury claims.

Our other main objective is to help you get the most out of your damages claim. We not only know how to investigate and present proof of the other driver’s negligence, our lawyers also focus on the medical, vocational, rehabilitative and personal details of your condition and recovery. This attention to detail helps to ensure that your settlement demand or trial presentation will be supported by clear and reliable evidence.

Decades of Experience Solving Problems on Car Insurance Claims

Because we have been dealing with insurance companies on car accident claims for many years, we also know how to work through insurance coverage problems, both with the other driver’s insurer and under your own uninsured or underinsured motorist policies. In serious injury cases where nobody’s insurance is sufficient to meet the full range of your losses, we can often find sources of additional coverage that apply to the claim, but that are less than obvious, such as underinsured coverage for another driver in the same household.

Kaminski & Pozorski advises Wisconsin accident victims whose injuries occurred in any kind of motor vehicle accident, including truck accidents, SUV crashes or rollovers, commercial vehicle accidents, auto defects cases, off-road vehicle crashes and motorcycle accidents. In fact, both Ron Kaminski and Joe Pozorski are motorcyclists themselves, and our law firm for many years was one of the few in the state that would represent bikers hurt on Wisconsin highways.

The attorneys and staff at Kaminski & Pozorski represent people with claims for minor, moderate, severe or fatal injuries suffered in auto accidents and other vehicle crashes. Our experience with the evaluation, settlement and trial of accident claims can help you protect your interests and get beyond the legal and practical problems. Contact us in Manitowoc for a free consultation about your needs.