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The apparent simplicity of Wisconsin divorce and family law provisions can be misleading. Because the legislature and the courts realize that the laws need to cover a wide variety of situations, you can’t predict how a divorce dispute will turn out based on a basic understanding of the law or the experience of friends and relatives.

You need to know what your legal rights and responsibilities will be under the facts of your specific case. The advice of an experienced attorney can help you reach that understanding while taking a lot of the confusion, anxiety and stress out of the divorce process.

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At Kaminski & Pozorski in Manitowoc, our lawyers help people in family situations of all kinds get through divorce while focusing on the issues that are most important in each client’s situation:

  • Legal custody of a child
  • Physical placement and child visitation arrangements
  • Child support
  • Property division
  • Enforcement of a marital property agreement
  • Spousal maintenance (as alimony is now known under Wisconsin law)

Property Division

When a divorcing couple is childless, older or affluent, property division questions might emerge as the most important issues in the case. Our attorneys are familiar with the special problems of characterization and valuation that can shape the outcome of the division of assets such as family business interests, professional practices, inherited property, extensive pension or retirement benefits, or real estate investments.

Younger divorcing couples with small children might emphasize instead the security of their parent-child relationships. While child custody issues can usually be worked out through negotiation and agreement, complicating factors such as substance abuse or family violence can make it difficult for a parent to achieve a satisfactory outcome.

The attorneys of Kaminski & Pozorski can help you find the most direct path toward your objectives under whatever circumstances your case presents. Whenever possible, we encourage people to get in touch with us six or eight weeks before the divorce petition is filed, so we can identify the issues that will probably require the most attention early in your case. We also advise you about your rights and legal options if you need to modify or enforce a commitment after the divorce is final.

For more information about our ability to help you get through the challenges of divorce, contact Kaminski & Pozorski in Manitowoc for a free consultation.