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As a law firm committed to serving a wide range of the legal needs that most families will encounter at one time or another, Kaminski & Pozorski offers comprehensive client service in estate planning and Wisconsin probate. Contact our office in Manitowoc to learn about the scope of our practice and our ability to meet your family’s needs.

No matter what your financial circumstances might be, you stand to benefit from a basic estate plan consisting of a last will and testament, durable and health care powers of attorney to protect your financial and medical interests during a period of incapacity, and a directive to physicians that expresses your intentions about the nature and duration of medical treatment or life support under extreme conditions.

These estate planning instruments can do a great deal to avoid uncertainty and conflicts within a family at the time of death or when a person can’t express his or her own preferences. We also advise families about such estate planning issues as senior care and Medicaid eligibility, guardianship, and living trusts to keep assets out of the probate process.

Our lawyers also help families meet the demands of estate administration under a variety of circumstances. If a person died without a will, we can advise the personal representative about the details of intestate administration.

If you need to probate a will, we can help with summary administration or the more extensive responsibilities that need to be met in more substantial estates. We also advise out-of-state executors and administrators who will have primary responsibility for estate administration duties in Wisconsin.

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